Huon Seafood Processing Plant – Stage Two

Client: Huon Aquaculture
Location: Parramatta Creek, Tasmania, Australia
Scope overview: Design and construction of two seafood processing plants and an administration facility

Project Description

Wiley was engaged for the design and construction of two seafood processing plants and an administration facility. Wiley delivered this project over 2 stages:

Stage 1:
Consolidation of two separate salmon processing facilities, at Strahan and Port Huon in South  Australia, into one 2826m² facility, at Parramatta Creek, Tasmania, to create a wet processing operation capable of processing up to 14,000 tonnes of wet salmon and trout per annum. This stage was designed to overcome space, waste and bio-security concerns while setting up the site for stage two developments.

Stage 2:
A new 3,500m² value added salmon processing facility and a 750m² administration facility.


The most important thing to Huon was for Wiley to deliver a world-class salmon processing facility, incorporating elements vital to the future growth of the family business. The design brief required a ‘future proof’ facility with everything designed to be further expanded as the client grows in the future.

The new operation covers approx 4,250m², significantly increasing the size it is today. It is designed to maximise linear flow and provide complete segregation between hot and cold smoked processing.

The ‘value-added’ products processed at the new facility include hot and cold-smoked salmon, gravadlax and other premium gourmet products.


  • A suspended walkway installed across existing and new processing facilities provides access to staff entry areas, as well as viewing facilities for customers and visitors. Visitor’s get to see first-hand Huon’s clean, efficient and transparent fish processing facility.
  • The new 750m² office and staff amenities include state-of-the-art meeting rooms, boardroom, laboratory and product development and extended car-parking facilities. The dining room and commercial kitchen are complimented by staff breakout and bbq areas for 100 employees.
  • The aesthetic of the administration facility was designed to showcase the Client’s corporate identity and branding, provide an impressive roadside impact and be aligned with Huon’s open culture.
  • The existing fresh salmon processing facility, completed in Stage One, received a reconfiguration of process areas and upgrades works to drainage and floors with a new epoxy finish.
  • Wiley was committed to using local subcontractors on the project, supporting the ongoing growth of the local economy with 100 local jobs created.
  • LED lighting has been incorporated throughout the new facility providing an improved environment for the staff and saving on energy consumption and maintenance.

An innovative solution was delivered to accommodate the switch room and plant room for refrigeration.

  • A 40’ high cube container was customised to accommodate both functions and sited in the most cost efficient location onsite. The primary driver behind this solution was to remove the need for development approval and save both construction time and costs.

Wiley Value

The completion of stage two sees the consolidation of Huon’s full range of processing on one site, optimising all throughputs and efficiencies. This world-class, future-proof facility sees whole fish, fresh fish, and value-added cold and hot smoked production, operating under one roof.

Huon now have complete production control of their entire operation on one site, thereby increasing their production efficiencies at every step of the process.

Huon’s Investor Report for the first half of 2015 states that the new facility will:

  • Deliver cost savings of over $1m in its first year of operation.
  • Provide centralised processing and value adding allowing for efficient product planning in the future.
  • Ensure the equipment and capacity required to create the salmon products of the future