Who am I: Cadet

Values: Loyalty, Trust, Humility, Ambition, and Humour

About Me:
Health and fitness enthusiast, Car and motorbike enthusiast, All things adventure and avid animal lover (if you hear me talking about my babies, you best believe I am talking about my French bulldogs (Frank and Lexie) or Snake (bradly), it’s a goal in life to have my very own farm.

Before Wiley I was a health and fitness coach for 12 years, with a heavy focus on sports nutrition. I always knew that my time in the fitness industry had an expiration date and after running a successful business from the age of 23 I was happy to close that chapter, I just didn’t know exactly what.

I have always loved a process, learning how things work and building my own projects. I have a strong Dutch heritage and have watched my father ( a completely self-proclaimed engineer and mad scientist) build anything and everything he could put his mind too. Come covid, my business was subsequently shut down and I found a labouring role building playgrounds and small sporting facilities. It’s safe to say I absolutely found an industry I wanted to pursue and so I am currently undertaking a degree in Urban Planning, (construction management), whilst I am fortunate enough to be a cadet within the Wiley program.