NCMC Major Capital Projects Opening Day

On Saturday 12th November Northern Cooperative Meats Company (NCMC) celebrated their opening of their Major Capital Projects in Casino, New South Wales.  To commemorate the official opening of the projects completed throughout the year, NCMC held an open day for members, employees and the community with an address from the Chairman John Secombe and a full tour of the facility.

NCMC Chairman, John Secombe in his address said: “this significant investment in the abattoir is for the long term… we made the decision to invest in the future. Currently we are in a down cycle in term of livestock supply, however these investments will position us well for the long term with the improved operational efficiencies they will bring.“

Mr Secombe went on to say “one of our strategic initiatives for the board is to maintain and improve on our world class processing facilities and these projects deliver on that. The job ahead now for us is to deliver on those improved efficiencies provided by these investments. Ensuring the business remains sustainable for all stakeholders including members, employees, customers and the community at large.”

The facility shut down for the day, with tours through the major capital projects including the new Cold Chain Management Facility, Knocking Box and equipment at Casino Hide Tanners. Visitors were treated to a full tour, a unique and exciting event for an abattoir and the families of those who work inside its walls.

With this project, NCMC has not only secured their future but also that of the local community. They have improved OH&S, an improved animal welfare system and are already processing with faster speeds, reduced downtime and capturing their waste products which improves sustainability.

Wiley had an extended project Team attend on the day. We extend our congratulations to NCMC and we are very proud to have delivered this project in collaboration with the NCMC Team. As the Chairman said, ‘collaboration was a key part of the project coming together successfully’ and we worked hard to make sure that was a success.